Shrimp with cocktail sauce: a cheap and easy starter

The other day when I cooked my linguines with mussels and tomatoes, I  wanted to make a starter that was coherent with the dinner (and wine!).

But at the same I had spent all my money on the mussels so I could not afford to buy other expensive seafood!

I thought then the shrimp cocktail sauce was perfect: easy-to-do, light and cheap!


300 gr. of peeled shrimp (also frozen)






Boil for about five minutes the shrimp in water.

Place the lettuce leaves at the bottomo of the cocktail cups and fill the cups in with the shrimp.

Mix the mayonnaise with ketchup

Pour the sauce into the cups and store in the fridge for free hours before serving them.


You can enrich the cocktail  sauce with some boiled potatoes and cut into very small cubes and raw celery.


Linguine with mussels and tomatoes

Even if Paris is not the best city to buy seafood, I could not resist to the temptation of preparing my linguine with mussels and cherry tomatoes.

A French friend gave to me a Pinot Gris from Alsace called Ostertag. This wine fits very well with this dish so we decided to share both the wine and the meal!

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A detox meal : courgette and leek soup

After a travelling April living the Aperitivista life, my body needs a lighter period.

My lighter period means a healthier eating with at least 5 portions of veggies and fruits par day and less pasta and fatty dishes.It is not a huge problem for me since I love vegetables and soups so It is almost a pleasure for me to make lighter and fat-free dishes.One of my favourites light dishes is a particular soup: the courgette and leek soup.

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A 3-ingredients light starter: coppa roulade with Philadelphia cheese

Last time I organized a Friday dinner with my friends and I made Farfalle with Ricotta and Walnuts. 

Since the dish was not really dietetic, I was looking for a light starter that was also cheap and easy to do! Do not forget that it was a Friday dinner and also that my goal is to prepare easy-to-do but tasty recipes in order to be able to enjoy the dinner after.

The roulade came in my mind as soon as I got into the supermarket. Easy-to-make and really tasty, I was able to propose another dish with Italian ingredients to my beloved French friends.

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The Aperitivista’s style

In Italy, Aperitivista is someone who takes the Aperitivo quite often.

I I know that the Aperitivo is not limitated to Italy but, as I said in my previous post, in Italy we have the so-called happy hour.

So, since in France this Italian habit does not exist, I took advantage of my 5-days Italian holidays to refresh my APERITIVISTA STYLE!

Me taking my aperitive and wondering why in France we cannot do that!

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Pasta with walnuts and ricotta

Friday before Easter, I was looking for a tasty and quickly-to-do meal because I had organized a dinner with my French friends here in Paris.

Of course I wanted to make something Italian since I never forget my origins and I was a bit homesick because it was almost Easter and I could not go back home.

At the same time, I was working so I did not have enough time to make something elaborated.

I decided to make pasta with ricotta and walnuts. Slightly fat (I have to be honest with you dear reader!) but really tasty.

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Living à la Francaise! (with a bit of Italianity of course!)

Saturday morning, Spring is slowly taking the place of the cold winter but outside here in Paris is still grey and chilly.

Unable to sleep for reasons that I do not know, I decided to take my favorite meal of the day (together with aperitives!): Breakfast!!!!!!!!

So, as French people do very often, I take my sleeping clothes out and I get to take French viennoisserie to the boulangerie just in front of my place.

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